tasty, regional, seasonal


Lukewarm goat cream cheese

pesto, bread

4,50 €

Smoked and dried sausage

(lamb or pork or chicken)

3,00 €

Green and black olives

in their own oil

4,50 €

Juffinger’s bacon

pine nut-olive sauce

6,00 €

Tyrolese cheese

fig mustard, bread

5,00 €


Smoked trout

with apple, celery and pumpernickel
15,00 €

„Walking in the autumn“

Bavarian cheese spread with potatoes

marinated beet, mashed parsnips

chips of parsley root and girasole

13,00 €


with balsamic dressing

7,00 €/ 5,00 €

Consommé of ox

strips of vegetables

5,00 €

Cream soup of Hokkaido-pumpkin

with seed and oil of pumpkin

7,50 €

Main Course

Braised leg of ox

with parsley root and potato dumpling

covered with herbs and crumbs
22,00 € / 19,00 €

Endive salad with pumpkin seed dressing

roasted pumpkin seeds

and baked chicken thighs

22,00 €

Roast pork

dark beer sauce

potato dumpling, red cabbage

14,50 €/ 12,00 €

„Wiener Schnitzel“ of veal

fried in butter, pan-fried potatoes*

23,00 €/ 18,50 €

Schnitzel of pork

fried in butter, pan-fried potatoes*

15,00 €/ 12,50 €

Dumpling of spicy cheese and bread

with creamy sweetheart cabbage
16,00 €/ 14,00 €



"Schmankerl" Bavarian specials

Bavarian sausage salad

chive dressing, gherkins, onions

whole grain bread


“Grünwalder Brotzeit“

a snack consisting of whole grain bread

cold cuts, cheese and Bavarian specialties


“Grünwalder Brotzeit“ – for vegetarians

cheese, pesto, spread

olives, bread

12,50 €

Two Bavarian “Weißwürste“
(veal sausage)

with traditional sweet mustard

6,00 €

Pretzel 1,20€

Homemade cheese egg noodles

served with roasted onions, leaf salad

11,50 €

Wheat beer-“Obazda”

(Bavarian cheese spread)

spring onions, radishes

olive crostini

10,50 €


Mousse of dark chocolate

scooped from a large bowl


Prafait of pear

covered with crunchy chocolate

8,00 €

Plums marinated with Amaretto

and gratinated with curd cheese

and a frozen vanilla-nut praline
8,00 €

Homemade cakes

(please ask for the cake of the day)

each 3,50€

whipped cream 1,00€

Small square chocolate cakes

with cappuccino or espresso


Mixed ice-cream

(please ask for the assortment)

scoop 1,50€

whipped cream 1,00€

Homemade ice-cream

(please ask for the assortment)

scoop 3,00€

Cheese assortment

with four different cheeses

served with quince jelly and fig mustard