A tradition in Grünwald near Munich

What Makes Us Unique

The Alter Wirt is a cosmopolitan, warm and friendly hotel steeped in tradition. Above all, we value quality, sustainability, variety, craft as well as a respectful and mutually appreciative relationship with our guests, staff, suppliers and partners. The Alter Wirt is staffed by a strong and committed team, who love catering to our guests’ wishes to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

More than simply eating well

“We’re organic by conviction, and deliver it with passion and intelligence. We don’t talk about being organic all the time, we simply live it.
Because we cook practically everything from scratch, we can easily cater to any food intolerances or special requirements you may have. For our chefs, that’s all just part of the job. People who eat organic food tend to think a lot more about their diets.

Our menu is always changing: we love the variety we’re able to offer our guests. Our extensive selection of high-quality vegetarian dishes is actually quite a rarity for an authentic Bavarian restaurant, but it’s something we take very seriously.
One thing we’re particularly excited about is our chefs’ ability to always come up with fresh ideas. They do this in close collaboration with the organic farmers who supply us. There’s a lot of mutual sympathy – which you can somehow taste”. —– Ulli Portenlänger —–

Our partners

We collaborate with our partners on the basis of mutual trust and are proud of our long-term relationships with them: Hüsler Nest, Kletterwald München, Mü, Slowfood, Bioland.