Starter & Soup

balsamic dressing 7,50 | 5,50

Consommé of ox
strips of pancake and vegetables of the season 7,50

Cream soup
of chestnut and parsnip
basil-cream cheese 7,50

Main Course

Saisonal salad
blood orange dressing
roasted mushrooms
dates and feta cheese 18,50

Cavatelli of archetype grain
fruity sauce of soy and mushrooms 19,00 | 16,00

Homemade cheese egg noodles
served with roasted onions and leaf salad  13,50 | 10,00

Roast pork
dark beer sauce
potato dumpling
red cabbage with mountain cranberries 18,00 | 15,50

“Wiener Schitzel” of veal
fried in butter
pan-fried potatoes*
cranberries on demand 27,00 | 21,00

Schnitzel of pork
fried in butter
pan-fried potatoes*
cranberries on demand 19,00 | 16,50

Creamy goulash of calf
saisonal vegetables
dumplings 25,00 | 21,00

Appetizer & Schmankerl - Bavarian specials

“Grünwalder Brotzeit”
a snack consisting of whole grain bread, cold cuts, cheese
and Bavarian specialties 14,50

“Vegi-Brotzeit” – for vegetarians
cheese, pesto, spread, olives and whole grain bread 14,50

Two Bavarian “Weißwürste” (veal sausage)
traditional sweet mustard 7,00
Pretzel 1,80


Mousse of Valrhona-chocolate
scooped from our copper bowl 11,00 | 9,00

Parfait of cookies
ragout of sour cherries 9,50

cut-up and sugared pancake with raisins and homemade appple puree
(fresh made takes about 25 min) 12,00

Cheese assortment
different cheeses
served with quince jelly and fig mustard 13,50

Cakes & Ice-cream

Homemade cakes
(please ask for the cake of the day)
each 3,70
whipped cream 1,50

Homemade ice-cream
(please ask for the assortment)
scoop 3,00

Mixed ice-cream
(please ask for the assortment)
scoop 1,70
whipped cream 1,50


All prices are in EURO and include tax.