tasty, regional, seasonal


Tartar od Tyrolean Alpine ox
mayonnaise of roasted onions
pickled artichoke hearts
roasted lack bread 17,00 | as main course 22,00

Creamy Burrata
carpaccio of yellow and red beetroot
marinated with pumpkin seed oil 15,00

balsamic dressing 7,50 | 5,50

Consommé of ox
strips of pancake and vegetables of the season 7,50

Cream soup
of cauliflower and lemongrass
Bavarian feta 7,50

Main Course

Fried chicken
with potato-salad and dip of cottage cheese 22,00 | 19,00

Braised knuckle of veal
Hokkaido pumpkin
confessed new potatoes 25,00 | 21,00

Roast pork
dark beer sauce
potato dumpling and white cabbage salad 16,50 | 14,00

“Wiener Schitzel” of veal
fried in butter
pan-fried potatoes* and cranberries 25,00 | 19,50

Schnitzel of pork
fried in butter
pan-fried potatoes* 17,50 | 15,00

Vegetarian balls of green corn and buckwheat
cream od sweet corn
salty popcorn and radish 19,00 | 16,00

Parsley root
cooked with spice rock salt
mashed sweet potatoes
roasted cashew nuts vegan | 17,00 | 13,00

Appetizer & Schmankerl - Bavarian specials

Bavarian tapas variation
-also vegetarian-
simple to wine or beer (Mini) 7,50
or better for two (Maxi) 14,00

Green and black olives
cold pressed olive oil
of the Italian region Apulia 4,50

Bavarian sausage salad
chive dressing, gherkins, onions
whole grain bread 10,00
or as Swiss sausage salad with cheese 11,00

“Grünwalder Brotzeit”
a snack consisting of whole grain bread, cold cuts, cheese
and Bavarian specialties 13,50

“Vegi-Brotzeit” – for vegetarians
cheese, pesto, spread, olives and whole grain bread 13,50

Two Bavarian “Weißwürste” (veal sausage)
traditional sweet mustard 6,00
Pretzel 1,50

Homemade cheese egg noodles
served with roasted onions and leaf salad  12,50 | 10,00

Bavarian cheese spread with wheat beer
radishes, spring onions and whole grain bread 10,50


Mousse of Valrhona-chocolate
scooped from our copper bowl 10,50 | 8,50

Baked donuts of curd
pickled Williams pear
dark chocolate sauce 9,50

Elderberry-Bavarian Cream
Amaretto foam 9,00

cut-up and sugared pancake with raisins and homemade appple puree
(fresh made takes about 25 min) 11,50

Cheese assortment
different cheeses
served with quince jelly and fig mustard 13,00

Cakes & Ice-cream

Homemade cakes
(please ask for the cake of the day)
each 3,50
whipped cream 1,50

Homemade ice-cream
(please ask for the assortment)
scoop 3,00

Mixed ice-cream
(please ask for the assortment)
scoop 1,50
whipped cream 1,50


All prices are in EURO and include tax.