The first Eco-Hotel in Munich

About Our Hotel

The careful and considered use of resources, energy and the environment is immensely important to us. Our operation is powered by genuine green electricity, and a well-conceived management regime helps us to minimise our energy consumption and food waste at the same time. The Alter Wirt was one of the first hotels in the region to utilise Grünwald geothermal energy for climate-friendly heating.

As a family-run superior-quality hotel, the Alter Wirt is the first combined eco-hotel and organic restaurant in the Munich district. With its 50 rooms, 6 seminar and banquet rooms as well as a restaurant with sun terrace and bar, our hotel is located in the heart of Grünwald south of Munich, just a stone’s throw from the River Isar.


The Alter Wirt Eco-Hotel is one of over 90 certified eco-hotels in Europe.
Eco-Hotels provide genuine “green” holiday experiences for connoisseurs interested in sustainability. What makes eco-hotels unique are their sustainable values and their aspiration to achieve the highest possible quality in all areas.